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In order to do justice to the intention of the Lectionary, the five great ‘sermons’ in Matthew’s Gospel will of necessity be the focal points of preaching and instruction. The narrative sections, which are placed in between the sermons, are composed in such a way that there is a unity and coherence in the whole work. Discourse and narrative stand side by side, so that the narrative chapters prepare the way for what follows in the discourses. Recognising the way in which the Lectionary has reflected the structure of Matthew’s Gospel, will enable preachers and readers to see the context of the readings from one week to the next.
Unit I The figure of Jesus the Messiah (Sundays 1-2)
SUNDAY 1 The Baptism of Jesus Mt 3:13-17
SUNDAY 2 The witness of John the Baptist Jn 1:29.34
Unit II Christ’s design for life in God’s Kingdom (Sundays 3-9)
SUNDAY 3 The call of the first disciples Mt 4:12-23
SUNDAY 4 The Sermon on the Mount (1) Mt 5:1-12
SUNDAY 5 The Sermon on the Mount (2) Mt 5:13-16
SUNDAY 6 The Sermon on the Mount (3) Mt5:17-37
SUNDAY 7 The Sermon on the Mount (4) Mt 5:38.48
SUNDAY 8 The Sermon on the Mount (5) Mt 6:24-34
SUNDAY 9 The Sermon on the Mount (6) Mt 7:21-27
Unit III The spread of God’s Kingdom (Sundays 10-13)
SUNDAY 10 The call of Levi Mt 9:9.13
SUNDAY 11 The mission sermon (1) Mt 9:36-10:8
SUNDAY 12 The mission sermon (2) Mt 10:26-33
SUNDAY 13 The mission sermon (3) Mt 10:37 -42
Unit IV The mystery of God’s Kingdom (Sundays 14-17)
SUNDAY 14 The revelation to the simple Mt 11:25-30
SUNDAY 15 The parable sermon (1) Mt 13:1-23
SUNDAY 16 The parable sermon (2) Mt 13:24-43
SUNDAY 17 The parable sermon (3) Mt 13:44-52
Lectionary, General Introduction 37
Unit V God’s kingdom on earth - The Church of Christ (Sundays 18-24)
SUNDAY 18 The feeding of five thousand Mt 14:31-21
SUNDAY 19 Jesus walks on the waters Mt 14:22.33
SUNDAY 20 The Canaanite woman Mt 15:21-28
SUNDAY 21 Peter’s confession: the primacy conferred Mt 16:13-20
SUNDAY 22 The passion prophesied: discipleship Mt 16:21-27
SUNDAY 23 The community sermon (1) Mt 18:15-20
SUNDAY 24 The community sermon (2) Mt 18:21-35
Unit VI Authority and invitation - the ministry ends (Sundays 25-33)
SUNDAY 25 The parable of the labourers Mt 20:1-16
SUNDAY 26 The parable ofthe two sons Mt 21:28-32
SUNDAY 27 The parable of the wicked vinedressers Mt 21:33-43
SUNDAY 28 The parable of the marriage feast Mt 22:1-14
SUNDAY 29 Paying tribute to Caesar Mt 22:15-21
SUNDAY 30 The greatest commandment Mt 22:34-40
SUNDAY 31 Hypocrisy and ambition Mt 23:1-12
SUNDAY 32 The final sermon (1) Mt 25:1.13
SUNDAY 33 The final sermon (2) Mt 25:14-30
Unit VII God’s Kingdom fulfilled (Sunday 34)
SUNDAY 34 Christ the King Mt 25:31-46