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Mark’s main interest is the person of Jesus himself. He follows Jesus through his public ministry in Galilee, outside Galilee and finally in Jerusalem itself immediately before the passion. The crisis is reached when the fundamental question is posed to the disciples: ‘Who do you say I am?’ Peter’s confession of faith is, therefore, at the heart of Mark’s Gospel. In the year of Mark the Lectionary observes faithfully the structure and message of the Gospel itself One important peculiarity is that the Lectionary includes a major insert from the Gospel of John (Sundays 17-21: John 6 - the sermon on the ‘Bread of Life’). This fits well into this part of Mark’s Gospel, which is concerned with Jesus’ revelation of himself, and is known as ‘the Bread section’.
Unit I The figure of Jesus the Messiah Sundays 1-2
SUNDAY 1 The baptism of Jesus Mk 1:6b-ll
SUNDAY 2 The call of Andrew and his friend Jn1:35-42
Unit II The Mystery progressively revealed Sundays 3-23
Stage I Jesus with the Jewish crowds Sundays 3-9
SUNDAY 3 The call ofthe first apostles Mk 1:14-20
SUNDAY 4 A day in Capernaum (1) Mk 1:21-28
SUNDAY 5 A day in Capernaum (1) Mk 1:29-39
SUNDAY 6 The cure of a leper Mk 1:40-45
SUNDAY 7 The cure of a paralytic Mk 2:1-12
SUNDAY 8 The question of fasting Mk 2:18.22
SUNDAY 9 Violation of the Sabbath Mk 2:23-3:6
Stage II Jesus with his disciples Sundays 10-14
SUNDA Y 10 Serious criticism of Jesus Mk 3:20-35
SUNDAY 11 The parables ofthe Kingdom Mk 4:26-34
SUNDAY 12 The calming of the storm Mk 4:35-41
SUNDAY 13 Jairus’ daughter; the woman in the crowd Mk 5:21-43
SUNDAY 14 Jesus rejected at Nazareth Mk 6:1-6
Stage III Jesus manifests himself Sundays 15-23
SUNDAY 15 The mission of the twelve Mk 6:7-13
SUNDAY 16 Compassion for the crowds Mk 6:30.34
SUNDAY 17 The feeding of the thousand Jn 6:1-15
SUNDAY 18 The bread of life (1) J n 6:24-35
SUNDAY 19 The bread of life (2) Jn 6:41-52
SUNDAY 20 The eucharist Jn 6:51-58
SUNDAY 21 Incredulity and faith Jn 6:61-70
SUNDAY 22 Jewish customs Mk 7:1-8.14-15,21
SUNDAY 23 The cure of a deaf-mute Mk 7:31-37
Unit III The Mystery of the Son of Man Sundays 24-34
Stage I The ‘Way’ of the Son of Man Sundays 24 -30
SUNDAY 24 Peter’s confession of faith Mk 8:27-35
SUNDA Y 25 Passion and resurrection prophesied Mk 9:29.36
SUNDAY 26 Instructions for disciples Mk 9:37.42. 44. 46-47
SUNDAY 27 Marriage and divorce Mk 10:2.16
SUNDAY 28 The problem of wealth Mk 10:17-30
SUNDAY 29 The sons of Zebedee Mk 10:35.46
SUNDAY 30 The cure of Bartimaeus Mk 10:46-52
Stage II Final revelation in Jerusalem Sundays 31-33
SUNDAY 31 The first commandment Mk 12:28b-34
SUNDAY 32 The widow’s mite Mk 12:38-44
SUNDAY 33 The last things Mk 13:24-32
Stage III The fulfilment of the mystery Sunday 34
SUNDAY 34 The solemnity of Christ the King Jn 18:33b.37