of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Salford

Pentecost Sunday (Year C)

We arrive at the fiftieth day ‑ the completion of the Easter Season, and the completion of the Paschal Mystery: the Lord has died, is risen, has ascended to heaven and now gives birth to his Church, by sending the Spirit upon the apostles. This feast of the gift of the Spirit is so significant for us, because it marks the handing on of Jesus' ministry to the Church ‑ in the Church we are guaranteed the presence of the Lord, in his sacra­ments, in his ministers, in the Blessed Sacrament and in his Celebrated Word.
It also marks the fulfilment of our thoughts about baptism throughout this season: the gift of the Spirit which we receive in Confirmation is the `seal' of our baptism, guaranteeing and confirm­ing all that baptism achieves.

Notes for Readers

First Reading: Acts of the Apostles 2:1‑11
The meaning of this reading is obvious: it is the story of this day. There is a great sense of mystery in the first paragraph, seen in the words 'what sounded like' and 1 something that seemed like` ‑ almost as if Luke cannot quite find the words to describe the experience. You must ensure that amazement and astonishment is present in your voice throughout the second paragraph. Don't worry about the list of strange names ‑ but make sure you practice them out loud beforehand: it would be a shame if the reading were spoiled because your tongue 'tripped up' over “Phrygia and Pamphylia”!
Second Reading: Romans 8:8-17

From the Catechism

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