of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Salford

4 January
Blessed Thomas Plumtree, martyr (1572)
A Lincolnshire man, born in 1546; arrested after the Northern Rising in 1572, he was executed and buried in the market place in Durham.
5 January
Saint Edward the Confessor (1066)
Born in 1003, he was a pious youth who was given the throne of England in 1042, whereupon he devoted himself to care and well-being of the people and the restoration of St Peter’s Abbey in Westminster.
8 January
Blessed Edward Waterson, martyr (1574)
Born at London; ordained priest at Rheims and returned to the north-east. Captured at midsummer, 1593, he was cruelly treated in prison till his execution at Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 1574
9 January
Saint Adrian of Canterbury, abbot (710)
An African by birth, died 710. Sent by Pope Vitalian to assist Theodore who became Archbishop of Canterbury. Adrian became abbot of the Abbey of Saint Peter in Canterbury, and encouraged prayer and learning, founding many schools in England.
11 January
Blessed William Carter, martyr (1584)
Born in London, 1548. Arrested in 1580 for printing Catholic literature, he was tortured, tried and executed at Tyburn in 1584.
12 January
Saint Benedict Biscop, abbot (690)
Born into a noble Anglo-Saxon family, he was instrumental in introducing Roman liturgical practices to England, including the introduction of Roman chant in the monasteries of the North East. He died in 690.
Saint Aelred of Rievaulx, abbot (1167)
Born in 1110, Aelred died at Rievaulx (Yorkshire) on this day in 1167. The son of a priest, he was educated at Durham and in the household of King David of Scotland. In 1134 he visited the newly founded Cistercian abbey of Rievaulx, and was so attracted to it that he chose to become a monk there, and was eventually elected abbot. He is remembered for his gift of friendship, for his sensitive and gentle rule, and for his enduringly popular spiritual writings, especially that on friendship.
20 January
Saint Wulfstan, bishop (1095)
Wulfstan or Wulstan was born in Warwickshire about 1008, and died in 1095. He became a Benedictine monk of the cathedral priory of Worcester, but in 1062 was appointed bishop, and was one of the few Anglo-Saxons in high office to survive the Norman Conquest. He was renowned as a confessor, and his care for the poor and sick and for the high standards he demanded of his clergy.
21 January
Saint Alban Roe, OSB, priest and martyr (1642)
Born in Suffolk in 1583, after his conversion to Catholicism, he became a Benedictine and was ordained; he was arrested several times during his ministry, and exiled and imprisoned for seventeen years. He was executed at Tyburn in 1642
Blessed Edward Stransham, priest and martyr (1586)
A native of Oxford, ordained in 1580. Was arresting while saying Mass in London in 1585 and executed at Tyburn in 1586.
Blessed Nicholas Wheeler (or Woodfen), priest and martyr (1586)
Born at Leominster in 1550, he studied for the priesthood in Rheims, after ordination he returned to England with Edward Stransham, and was executed with him at Tyburn in 1586.
Blessed Thomas Green (Reynolds), priest and martyr (1642)
Born under the name Green, he trained at Rheims, Valladolid and Seville; exiled from England once, he returned and spent fourteen years imprisoned until his execution at Tyburn in 1642 at the age of 80.
22 January
Blessed William Patenson, priest and martyr (1592)
A Yorkshireman, who trained at Reims and worked only two years on the Mission, before his arrest in London in 1591. He was executed at Tyburn in 1592.
24 January
Blessed William Ireland, SJ, priest and martyr (1679)
The first victim of the Titus Oates plot: he was responsible for the finances of the English Jesuits, but was arrested in London when Oates began concocting his false accusations against Catholics in general, and Jesuits in particular. Despite the obvious false testimony at his trial, Fr Ireland was condemned and executed at Tyburn in 1679.
Blessed John Grove, martyr (1679)
A lay Jesuit brother, assistant to Fr William Ireland, arrested with him and executed in the first wave of anti-Catholic hostility after the fabrications of Titus Oates. He died at Tyburn with Fr Ireland in 1679.
1 February
Saint Henry Morse, SJ, priest and martyr (1645)
Henry ministered to plague victims in London in 1636 - contracting the plague himself; after a period of work in Ghent and Antwerp, he returned to England when Catholic persecution was renewed, and was arrested in Cumberland; he was martyred in London in 1645.
2 February
Saint Lawrence of Canterbury, bishop (619)
One of the band of monks who accompanied Saint Augustine from Rome to Canterbury, and who became Archbishop immediately after Augustine. It was he who succeeded in converting King Aedbald to the faith.
3 February
Saint Werburgh, abbess
Abbess of Ely, relative of kings, reformer of the Church and founder of houses throughout Mercia, buried in Chester of which city she is patroness.
Blessed John Nelson, SJ, priest and martyr (1578)
One of the Yorkshire martyrs, after studying at Douay and a short time on the Mission, he was arrested in December 1577, and After torture and trial was executed at Tyburn in 1578.
4 February
Saint Gilbert of Sempringham, priest
Founder of the Gilbertine order (under Pope Eugenius III), combining the monastic rules of Saint Benedict and Saint Augustine
Blessed John Speed, martyr (1594)
A layman executed at Durham, after being arrested for assisting Saint John Boste, being his companion as he journeyed from house to house celebrating the sacraments.
7 February
Blessed Thomas Sherwood, martyr (1578)
Arrested while taking leave of his sick father in London, while travelling to Douai to begin studies for the priesthood; subjected to dreadful tortures, and executed at Tyburn in 1578.
12 February
Blessed Thomas Hemmerford, priest and martyr (1584)
Born in Dorset and studied in Rome, ordained in 1583. Martyred at Tyburn in 1584.
Blessed James Fenn, priest and martyr (1584)
After the death of his wife, James entered the priesthood, being ordained at Rheims, returning to the Mission in 1580: he spent two years in gaol before his execution at Tyburn in 1584.
Blessed John Nutter, priest and martyr (1584)
Born in Burnley, Lancashire and studied in Rheims, ordained in 1581. He was arrested as his ship foundered at Dunwich and martyred at Tyburn in1584.
Blessed John Murden, priest and martyr (1584)
Born in Dorset and studied in Reims and Rome, ordained in 1582.
Blessed George Haydock, priest and martyr (1584)
15 February
Saint Sigfrid, bishop
Originally from England, evangelized in Sweden
17 February
Saint Finan, bishop and abbot (661)
The second bishop of Lindisfarne, who founded churches and monasteries in the North East, including the great abbey of Whitby.
18 February
Blessed William Harrington, priest and martyr (York, London, Elizabeth I)
Blessed John Pibush, priest and martyr (Southwark, Elizabeth I)
21 February
Blessed Thomas Pormort, priest and martyr (Saint Paul’s, London, Elizabeth I)
Saint Robert Southwell, SJ, priest and martyr
23 February
Saint Milburga, virgin and abbess (715)
A member of the Mercian royal family who became abbess of Wenlock Abbey in Shropshire. She died in 715.
24 February
Saint Ethelbert, king
The first English ruler to welcome the faith, after receiving Saint Augustine on his mission from Rome.
26 February
Blessed Robert Drury, priest and martyr (Tyburn, James I)
27 February
Saint Anne Line, martyr (1601)
Anne Heigham was born at Dunmow (Essex) around 1565, and was hanged at Tyburn on 27 February 1601. In her teens she became a Catholic and was disinherited, and in 1585 married Roger Line, also a disinherited convert, who was subsequently imprisoned and exiled for his faith, leaving her destitute. She taught and embroidered, and also kept house for priests. After a large number of people had been seen gathering at her house for Mass, she was arrested, tried and condemned to death.
Blessed Mark Barkworth, OSB, priest and martyr
Blessed Roger Filcock, SJ, priest and martyr
Blessed William Richardson, priest and martyr (Tyburn, Elizabeth I)
28 February
Saint Oswald, bishop (except Leap Years)
29 February
Saint Oswald, bishop (Leap Years)
2 March
Saint Chad, bishop
4 March
Blessed Christopher Bales, priest and martyr
Blessed Alexander Blake, martyr
Blessed Nicholas Horner, martyr (London, Elizabeth I)
7 March
Blessed John Larke, priest and martyr
Blessed John Ireland, priest and martyr
Blessed Germaine Gardner, martyr (Tyburn, Henry VIII)
8 March
Saint Felix of Burgundy, bishop
Travelled from Burgundy, evangelised in England in the kingdom of Sigebert, died at Dunwich in 687.
11 March
Blessed Thomas Atkinson, priest and martyr (York, James I)
12 March
Saint Elphege, bishop
Born in 953 near Bath, became bishop of Winchester.
13 March
Blessed Agnellus of Pisa, priest (1236)
Received into the Franciscan order by Saint Francis of Assisi himself, Agnellus was sent to found the order in England which he did at Oxford, his foundation having a significant impact on the growth of the University there. He died at Oxford in 1236.
15 March
Blessed William Hart, priest and martyr (York, Elizabeth I)
16 March
Blessed John Amias, priest and martyr
Blessed Robert Dalby, priest and martyr (York, Elizabeth I)
18 March
Saint Edward, king and martyr (Wareham)
Blessed John Thules, priest and martyr (Lancaster, James I)
Blessed Roger Wrenno, priest and martyr
20 March
Saint Cuthbert, bishop
21 March
Blessed Thomas Pilchard, priest and martyr (Dorchester, Elizabeth I)
Blessed William Pike, martyr
Blessed Matthew Flathers, priest and martyr (York, James I)
22 March
Saint Nicholas Owen, SJ, religious and martyr (London, James I)
23 March
Blessed Edmund Sykes, priest and martyr (York, Elizabeth I)
25 March
Saint Margaret Clitherow, martyr (York, Elizabeth I)
Blessed James Bird, martyr (Winchester, Elizabeth I)
28 March
Blessed Christopher Wharton, priest and martyr (York, Elizabeth I)
29 March
Blessed John Hambley, priest and martyr (Salisbury, Elizabeth I)
30 March
Saint Osburg, abbess (1018)
31 March
Blessed Christopher Robinson, priest and martyr (Carlisle, Elizabeth I)
1 April
Blessed John Bretton, martyr (York, Elizabeth I)
2 April
Saint John Paine, priest and martyr (Chelmsford, Elizabeth I)
3 April
Saint Richard of Chichester, bishop
Blessed Robert  Middleton, SJ, priest and martyr
Blessed Thurstan Hunt, SJ, priest and martyr (Lancaster, Elizabeth I)
7 April
Saint Henry Walpole, SJ, priest and martyr (York, Elizabeth I)
Blessed Alexander Rawlins, priest and martyr
Blessed Edward Oldcorne, priest and martyr (Worcester, James I)
Blessed Ralph Ashley, SJ, religious and martyr
11 April
Blessed George Gervase, OSB, priest and martyr (London, James I)
13 April
Blessed Francis Dickenson (Rochester, Elizabeth I)
Blessed Milo Gerard, priest and martyr
Blessed John Lockwood, priest and martyr (York, Charles I)
Blessed Edward Catterick, priest and martyr
17 April
Blessed Henry Heath, OFM, priest and martyr (Tyburn, London,  Charles I)
19 April
Saint Aelphege, bishop and martyr
Killed on the banks of the Thames at Greenwich by the Danes; as Archbishop of Canterbury he had successfully concluded a peace treaty with the Danish aggressors.
19 April
Blessed James Duckett, martyr (Tyburn, Elizabeth I)
20 April
Blessed James Bell, martyr (Lancaster, Elizabeth I)
Blessed John Finch, martyr
Blessed Richard Sergeant, priest and martyr (Tyburn, London, Elizabeth I)
Blessed William Thomson, priest and martyr
Blessed Anthony Page, priest and martyr (York, )
Blessed Francis Page SJ, priest and martyr (London, Elizabeth I)
Blessed Robert Watkinson, priest and martyr
23 April
Saint George, martyr
George was martyred at Lydda (Israel) around 303, in the persecution of the Emperor Diocletian. His cult, which predates the legend of his slaying the dragon, spread quickly through East and West. During the crusades, George was seen to personify the ideals of Christian chivalry, and he was adopted as patron saint of several city-states and countries. King Richard I of England placed his crusading army under his protection, and in 1222 his feast was proclaimed a national holiday.
24 April
Saint Melitus of Canterbury, bishop
Saint Wilfrid, bishop (York)
25 April
Blessed Robert Anderton, priest and martyr (Isle of Wight, Elizabeth I)
Blessed William Marsden, priest and martyr
30 April
Saint Erconwald, bishop (Barking)
Blessed William Southerne, priest and martyr (Newcastle, James I)
4 May
Saint John Houghton, priest and martyr (1535)
Saint Robert Lawrence, priest and martyr (1535)
Saint Augustine Webster, priest and martyr, (1535)
Saint Richard Reynolds, priest and martyr, of the Order of Saint Briget (1535)
Blessed John Haile, priest and martyr,(1535)
Carthusian Priors of London, Beauvale and Axholme, parish priest of Isleworth: Martyred at Tyburn under King Henry VIII in 1535. As they were led to execution,Thomas More, who had been in prison for a year already, was looking on with his daughter from his cell window.  "Look, Meg," he said, "these blessed Fathers be now as cheerfully going to their deaths as bridegrooms to their marriage!"
6 May
Saint Eadbert, bishop (698)
Successor of Saint Cuthbert at Lindisfarne, renowned for knowledge of the Scriptures and generous almsgiving. Died in 698.
Blessed Edward Jones, priest and martyr (1590)
Blessed Anthony Middleton, priest and martyr (1590)
7 May
Saint John of Beverley, bishop (721)
First bishop of Hexham, then York, a great restorer of monastic life, who died in 721.
9 May
Blessed Thomas Pickering OSB, martyr (1679)
A simple and innocent monk, executed at Tyburn in 1679, a victim of the persecution instigated by Titus Oates.
11 May
Blessed John Rochester, priest and martyr (1537)
Blessed James Walworth, priest and martyr (1537)
Carthusians executed at York during the reign of King Henry VIII in 1537.
19 May
Saint Dunstan, bishop (988)
The first abbot of Glastonbury and later Archbishop of Canterbury. Died in 988.
Blessed Peter Wright, priest and martyr (1651)
A Jesuit executed at Tyburn.
22 May
Blessed John Forest, priest and martyr (1538)
A Franciscan burnt at the stake at Smithfield Market in 1538.
25 May
Saint Aldhelm, bishop (709)
Formerly abbot of Malmesbury, who died in 709.
27 May
Blessed Edmund Duke, priest and martyr (1590)
Blessed Richard Hill, priest and martyr (1590)
Blessed John Hogg, priest and martyr (1590)
Blessed Richard Holiday, priest and martyr (1590)
Four missionary priests executed at Dryburne near Durham in 1590.
28 May
Blessed Lanfranc of Canterbury, bishop (1089)
Formerly abbot of Bec in Normandy, where he defended the true nature of the Eucharist in disputation with Berengar, became Archbishop of Canterbury where he died in 1089
Blessed Margaret Pole, martyr (1541)
The mother of Cardinal Reginald Pole, who was beheaded in the Tower in 1541 after speaking against the divorce of King Henry VIII.
29 May
Blessed Richard Thirkeld, priest and martyr  (1583)
Executed at York in 1583 after ministry as a priest during which time he reconciled many to the Catholic Faith.
30 May
Saint Luke Kirby, priest and martyr (1582)
Blessed William Filby, priest and martyr (1582)
Blessed Lawrence Johnson, priest and martyr (1582)
Blessed Thomas Cottam SJ, priest and martyr (1582)
All executed at Tyburn in 1582.
Blessed William Scott OSB, priest and martyr (1612)
Blessed Richard Newport, priest and martyr (1612)
Martyred on the same day 30 years later, under King James I (1612).
31 May
Blessed Richard Thorpe, priest and martyr (1591)
Blessed Thomas Watkinson, martyr (1591)
Richard was executed for being a priest, and Thomas, the father of a family, was executed for sheltering priests. They died together in 1591.
1 June 
Saint Wistan, King and Martyr (849)
A devout and religious person, he became King of Mercia in 840, but was killed in 849 by Bertwulf, a pretender to the throne, when he objected to an incestuous marriage.
Blessed John Storey, martyr (1571)
A lawyer executed at Tyburn in 1571 after imprisonment and exile could not turn him from his fidelity to the Roman Pontiff.
3 June
Blessed Francis Ingleby, priest and martyr (1580)
A former student of the English College in Rheims, he was executed at York in 1580 for being a priest.
6 June
Blessed William Greenwood, martyr (1537)
A Carthusian from the London Charterhouse, he died in prison in London under King Henry VIII in 1537.
7 June
Saint Robert of Newminster, abbot (1159)
A Cistercian devoted to prayer and poverty, who founded the Abbey at Newminster near Morpeth in Northumbria in 1138; he died in 1159. It was Saint Robert who sent monks from Newminster to found Sawley Abbey to the north of the Salford Diocese in 1147.
8 June
Saint William Fitzherbert, bishop
Blessed John Davy, deacon (1537)
A Carthusian from the London Charterhouse, who died in prison under Henry VIII in 1537.
9 June
Blessed Robert Salt, martyr (1537)
One of the London Carthusians, who died of starvation in Newgate Prison under Henry VIII in 1537.
10 June
Blessed Thomas Green, priest and martyr (1537)
Blessed Walter Pierson, martyr (1537)
Carthusians from the London Charterhouse executed under Henry VIII in 1537.
15 June
Blessed Thomas Scryven, martyr (1537)
One of the Carthusians from the London Charterhouse executed under Henry VIII in 1537.
Blessed Peter Snow, priest and martyr (1598)
Executed at York in 1598, for being a priest
Blessed Ralph Grimston, martyr (1598)
Executed at York in 1598, for harbouring Fr Snow.
16 June
Blessed Thomas Reding, martyr (1537)
One of the Carthusians from the London Charterhouse executed under Henry VIII in 1537.
19 June
Blessed Sebastian Newdigate, martyr (1537)
19 June
Blessed Humphrey Middlemore, martyr (1537)
Blessed William Exmew, martyr (1537)
Carthusians from the London Charterhouse executed under Henry VIII; after seventeen days suspended in irons they were killed at Tyburn in 1537.
Blessed Thomas Woodhouse, SJ, priest and martyr (1573)
Ordained under Queen Mary, and the arrested and imprisoned for twelve years under Elizabeth I, during which time he ministered to those in prison with him. He was executed at Tyburn in 1573.
20 June
Blessed Thomas Whitbread, priest and martyr (1679)
Blessed William Harcourt, priest and martyr (1679)
Blessed John Fenwich, priest and martyr (1679)
Blessed John Gavan, priest and martyr (1679)
Blessed Anthony Turner, priest and martyr (1679)
Jesuits falsely accused of the so-called “Popish Plot” to assassinate King Charles II and executed at Tyburn in 1679 in the hysterical pursuit of Catholics instigated by Titus Oates.
21 June
Saint John Rigby, martyr (1600)
Born at Eccleston, near Chorley. Compelled to confess his Catholicism when appearing on behalf of a member of the Huddleston family, he was arrested, imprisoned and hanged, drawn and quartered at St Thomas Waterings, Southwark under Elizabeth II in 1600.
22 June
Saint John Fisher, bishop, and Saint Thomas More, martyrs
Saint Alban, martyr (287)
Alban was an inhabitant of Verulamium who gave shelter to a priest being pursued; he received the faith, and exchanged clothes with the priest, being executed in his place around the year 287.
23 June
Saint Etheldreda (Audrey, Ediltrude), abbess (679)
A member of the Royal family of Northumbria, who after two fruitless marriages during which she preserved her virginity, received the veil from her uncle Saint Wilfred and founded the Abbey of Ely, dying there in 679.
Saint Thomas Garnet SJ, priest and martyr (1608)
A student of the English College in Valladolid who was twice arrested and imprisoned on his return; he was executed under James I in 1608.
28 June
Saint John Southworth, priest and martyr
30 June
Blessed Philip Powell, OSB, priest and martyr (1646)
A Welsh lawyer who became a Benedictine; after twenty years of ministry, he was arrested on board ship, and executed for being a priest at Tyburn in 1646.
1 July
Blessed George Beesley, priest and martyr (1591)
Blessed Montford Scott, priest and martyr (1591)
Executed in London after severe torture during the reign of Elizabeth I in 1591.

Blessed Thomas Maxfield, priest and martyr (1616)
A priest who was martyred at Tyburn during the reign of James I in 1616.

Saint Oliver Plunkett, bishop and martyr
2 July
Saint Swithin, bishop (862)
Bishop of Winchester, who was renowned for his austerity and care for the poor, founding many churches in his Diocese which he visited on foot. He died in 862.

4 July
Blessed John Cornelius, priest and martyr (1594)
Blessed Thomas Bosgrave, martyr (1594)
Blessed John Carey, martyr (1594)
Blessed Patrick Salmon, martyr (1594)
John, Thomas, John and Patrick were executed together at Dorchester in 1594: John Cornelius, who trained for the priesthood at Douai and Rome, was arrested in April; his companions were arrested for assisting him. John became a Jesuit while imprisoned in London.

Blessed William Andleby, priest and martyr (1597)
Blessed Henry Abbot, martyr (1597)
Blessed Thomas Warcop, martyr (1597)
Blessed Edward Fulthorp, martyr (1597)
Fr Andleby served in Yorkshire, and Henry, Thomas and Edward were three laymen who assisted and sheltered him; they were executed together at York in 1597 under Elizabeth I.

5 July
Blessed George Nichols, priest and martyr (1589)
Blessed Richard Yaxley, priest and martyr (1589)
Blessed Thomas Belson, martyr (1589)
Blessed Humphrey Pritchard, martyr (1589)
George and Richard were executed at Oxford in 1589 for being priests and Thomas and Humphrey for sheltering them; Thomas Belson was preparing to enter the priesthood at the time of his arrest.

6 July
Saint Thomas More, martyr
The date of the death of Saint Thomas More, who is commemorated with Saint John Fisher on 22 June.

Blessed Thomas Alfield, priest and martyr (1585)
Having been ordained priest and returned to work in England, Thomas abjured his Catholic faith after arrest and imprisonment; reconciled to the Church after his release, he returned to England where he was arrested and executed at Tyburn in 1585.

7 July
Saint Hedda, bishop (705)
He became bishop of the West Saxons in 676, translating the relics of Saint Birinus, founder of the See, from Dorchester-on-Thames to the new seat of the diocese, Winchester. He died in 705.

Blessed Roger Dickinson, priest and martyr (1591)
Blessed Ralph Milner, martyr (1591)
Blessed Laurence Humphrey, martyr (1591)
Martyrs executed at Winchester on this day in 1591 under Elizabeth I; Ralph, a farmer and father of a family was rich in faith, was arrested and executed together with Roger; Laurence is commemorated on this day because the exact date of his death is uncertain.

9 July
Blessed Adrian Fortescue, martyr (1539)

Sir Adrian Fortescue was a cultured, faithful country gentleman in the reign of Henry VIII, who fell foul of the King and was twice arrested, and beheaded in 1539 because of his “adherence to the Bishop of Rome”.
11 July
Blessed Thomas Benstead, priest and martyr (1600)
Blessed Thomas Sprott, priest and martyr (1600)
Since the exact date of their death is unknown, these two priests who were martyred at Lincoln under Elizabeth I in July 1600 are remembered today.

12 July
Blessed David Gunston, martyr (1541)
A Knight of Saint John of Jerusalem, who was executed by Henry VIII at Southwark in 1541.

Saint John Jones, OFM, priest and martyr (1596)
Born in Wales, John travelled to France to become a Franciscan, and from there to Rome, whence he returned to work on the English Mission; he was arrested in 1596 and executed at Saint Thomas’ Watering in London in 1598.

13 July
Blessed Thomas Tunstal, OSB, priest and martyr (1616)
Arrested for being a priest, and executed under James I at Norwich in 1616.

14 July
Blessed Richard Langhorne, martyr (1679)
A lawyer who was falsely accused of conspiracy and executed at Tyburn under Charles II in 1679.

16 July
Blessed John Sugar, priest and martyr (1604)

Blessed Robert Grissold, martyr (1604)
Condemned under James I, John for being a priest and Robert for sheltering him, they were executed together at Warwick in 1604.

17 July
Saint Kenelm, martyr (812)
The son of Kenulph, King of Mercia, buried at Winchcombe in Gloucestershire, who was killed in the year 812 and is considered a martyr.

19 July
Saint John Plessington, priest and martyr

24 July
Blessed Nicholas Garlick, priest and martyr (1588)

Blessed Robert Ludlam, priest and martyr (1588)
Blessed Richard Simpson, priest and martyr (1588)
These three priests worked in Derbyshire before their arrest; they were held in Derby gaol before their execution under Elizabeth I in 1588.

24 July
Blessed Joseph Lambton, priest and martyr (1592)
A student of the Colleges in Rheims and Rome, he was ordained at the age of twenty three, but was arrested on landing at Newcastle-on-Tyne; he was hanged, drawn and quartered in1592.

24 July
Saint John Boste, priest and martyr (1594)
A native of Westmoreland, he was ordained at Rheims, and worked in the North East, before being arrested and executed at Durham in 1594.

Blessed John Ingram, priest and martyr (1594)
Ordained at Saint John Lateran in Rome, and worked first in Scotland. He was arrested after entering England, and, after being tried with Fr John Boste (24 July) was executed at Gateshead in 1594.

Blessed George Swallowell, martyr (1594)
A Protestant minister who was reconciled to the Church and subsequently arrested, being executed under Elizabeth I at Darlington in 1594.

Blessed Edward Thwing, OP, priest and martyr (1600)
Blessed Robert Nutter, priest and martyr (1600)
Edward and Robert were captured on arrival in England, but escaped and laboured for three years; arrested again in 1600, they were executed at Lancaster.

Blessed William Webster, priest and martyr (1641)
After ordination in his forties, William worked in London in comparative freedom, especially as a confessor in London’s gaols, until priests were once more banished by Parliamentary Decree in 1641; he was arrested, tried at the Old Bailey, and executed at Tyburn in the same year.

27 July
Blessed Robert Sutton, priest and martyr (1587)
A native of Burton-on-Trent, who was martyred at Stafford in 1587 under Elizabeth I for being a priest.

30 July
Blessed Edward Powell, priest and martyr (1540)
Blessed Richard Featherstone, priest and martyr (1540)
Blessed Thomas Abel, priest and martyr (1540)
Three priests who refused to comply with the wishes of Henry VIII, who were imprisoned in the Tower and executed at Smithfield in 1540.

31 July
Blessed Everard Hanse, priest and martyr (1581)
Formerly an Anglican minister, Everard only enjoyed a very brief ministry after his ordination in 1580: shortly after his return to England, he was arrested at Marshalsea Gaol and accused of treason; he was executed at Tyburn in 1581.


1 August
Saint Ethelwold, bishop (984)
A pupil of Saint Dunstan, and bishop of Winchester, who restored monastic life in his Diocese, translating the “Concordia Regularis” and earning the epithet “Father of Monks”. He died in 984.

Blessed Thomas Welbourne, martyr (1605)
A schoolteacher who was martyred at York during the reign of King James I in 1605.

4 August
Blessed William Horne, martyr (1540)
A Carthusian monk executed by King Henry VIII at Tyburn in 1540.

5 August
Saint Oswald, martyr (642)
King of Northumbria, who worked to spread Christianity in Britain, and who was killed in battle with pagans near Oswestry in 642.

7 August
Blessed John Woodcock (Martin of Saint Felix) OFM, priest and martyr (1646)
Blessed Edward Bamber, priest and martyr (1646)
Blessed Thomas Whitaker, priest and martyr (1646)
Some of the Lancashire Martyrs, executed at Lancaster in 1646 under King Charles II.

Blessed Nicholas Postgate, priest and martyr (1679)
A priest who spent fifty years walking the Yorkshire Moors, ministering to scattered Catholics, who was eventually arrested and executed at York under King Charles II in 1679 at the age of about 80.

8 August
Blessed John Felton, martyr (1570)
Executed in London in 1570 after publicly supporting Pope Saint Pius the Fifth’s excommunication of Queen Elizabeth I.

Blessed John Fingley, priest and martyr (1586)
Blessed Robert Bickerdike, martyr (1586)
Executed under Queen Elizabeth I at York in 1586

9 August
Blessed Richard Bere, priest and martyr (1537)
A Carthusian executed by order of King Henry VIII in 1537 for fidelity to the Roman Pontiff and defence of Christian marriage.

11 August
Blessed John Sandys, priest and martyr (1586)
Blessed Stephen Rowsham, priest and martyr (1587)
Blessed William Lampley, martyr (1588)
Executed at Gloucester under Queen Elizabeth I in 1586, 1587 and 1588 respectively.

13 August
Blessed William Freeman, priest and martyr (1595)
A priest executed at Warwick in 1595 under the reign of Elizabeth I, who was led to the gallows joyfully singing the “Te Deum”. His priestly ministry on the borders of Warwickshire brought him into contact with known acquaintances of William Shakespeare, and he was actually arrested in Stratford-on-Avon.

19 August
Blessed Hugh Green, priest and martyr (1642)
Ordained at Douai and worked as a priest for thirty years, but was arrested an executed at Dorchester in 1642 under King Charles I.

22 August
Saint John Wall OFM, priest and martyr (1679)
One of the Lancashire Martyrs, being born in that county in 1620.  He was ordained in Rome in 1645 and entered the Franciscans in 1652; after four years as novice master at Douai, he returned to England, and ministered for twenty years in Worcestershire. He was arrested and tried in the wake of the Titus Oates affair, being executed near Worcester in 1679.

Saint John Kemble, priest and martyr (1679)
Also executed on this day in 1679 at Hereford, John Kemble had ministered for over fifty years in Herefordshire, before being arrested and condemned at the age of 80.

Blessed Thomas Percy, martyr (1572)
Sir Thomas Percy, Earl of Northumberland, martyred at York in 1572; under Queen Mary he rose to high office in England, which was initially preserved by Elizabeth, despite his unhidden Catholic faith; he received the Order of the Garter from her in 1563. In 1569 he took part in an uprising in favour of Mary, queen of Scots, and was captured and beheaded at York.

Blessed William Lacey, priest and martyr (1582)
Blessed Richard Kirkman, priest and martyr (1582)
Two Yorkshire martyrs, executed on this day at York in 1582. William, whose surname is also spelt Lacy, was twice married before being ordained priest in 1579 after the death of his second wife. He ministered for two years in Lincolnshire before his arrest in August of 1582. He shared a cell with Richard Kirkman, who was also ordained at Douai in 1579.

27 August
Blessed Roger Cadwallador, priest and martyr (1610)
After ordination at Valladolid, Roger worked for sixteen years in the English Mission near Hereford, before his capture and execution at Leominster under James I in 1610.

Blessed Dominic of the Mother of God Barberi, priest
28 August
Blessed William Dean, priest and martyr (1588)
Blessed William Gunter, priest and martyr (1588)
Blessed Robert Morton, priest and martyr (1588)
Blessed Thomas Holford, priest and martyr (1588)
Blessed James Claxton, priest and martyr (1588)
Blessed Thomas Felton OFM, martyr (1588)
Blessed Henry Webley, martyr (1588)
Blessed Hugh More, martyr (1588)
These men were all executed in London on this day in 1588, as part of the fierce persecution following the defeat of the Spanish Armada in that year; six new gallows were erected through London for these martyrs.

Saint Edmund Arrowsmith, SJ., priest and martyr
29 August
Saint Sæbbi of Essex (693)
King of Essex (or more correctly the East Saxons) until 693, when he relinquished his crown, and took the religious habit. He is thought to have founded the first Abbey at Westminster. He was buried in London, and almost immediately honoured as a saint.

Blessed Richard Hurst, martyr (1618)
A farmer and father, and a public recusant, who was falsely accused of the killing of one of men pursuing him; his trial was rigged and he was executed at Lancaster in 1618.

30 August
Saint Margaret Ward, martyr (1588)
Blessed Richard Leigh, priest and martyr (1588)
Blessed Edward Shelley, martyr (1588)
Blessed Richard Martin, martyr (1588)
Blessed John Roche, priest and martyr (1588)
Blessed Richard Lloyd, martyr (1588)
Saint Margaret Ward, wife and mother, and a native of Congleton, Cheshire, was executed on this day at Tyburn (London) in 1588 for assisting in the escape of Fr William Watson from prison. Five others were martyred with her, for being priests or for harbouring them, or in the case of John Roche, for assisting Saint Margaret in her rescue of Fr Watson.

31 August
Saint Aidan, abbot


5 September
Blessed William Browne, martyr
Martyred at Ripon (Yorkshire) in 1605 on a charge of bringing others into the Catholic faith.

6 September
Saint Bega, religious
According to legend she was an Irish princess who fled to the town that now bears her name (St Bees) on the Cumbrian coast, where she lived a monastic life.

7 September
Blessed Ralph Corby, SJ, priest and martyr
Blessed John Duckett, priest and martyr
Martyred at Tyburn under Charles I in 1644. Ralph originated in the north east and ministered in County Durham after his ordination, enjoying a lengthy ministry of 12 years until his arrest in July 1644. He was condemned at the Old Bailey and executed at Tyburn. John Duckett, executed with him, also worked in County Durham after his conversion to Catholicism and ordination.

8 September
Blessed Thomas Palaser, priest & martyr (1600)
Blessed John Norton, martyr (1600)
Blessed John Talbot, martyr (1600)
These three martyrs were arrested together in Gateshead and executed at Durham in 1600, Thomas for being a priest, and the two Johns for aiding him.

9 September
Blessed George Douglas, martyr (1587)
A Scot who studied and was ordained in Paris before returning to minister in Yorkshire; he was arrested and executed at York in 1587.

10 September
Saint Ambrose Barlow, OSB, priest and martyr

16 September
Saint Edith of Wilton, virgin
The daughter of king Edgar, who spent her life in the monastery at Wilton, devoting herself to prayer and the care of her sisters. She died in 984 at the age of 23.

19 September
Saint Theodore of Canterbury, bishop

20 September
Blessed Thomas Johnson, priest and martyr
A Carthusian from the London Charterhouse, he died in prison in London under King Henry VIII in 1537.

23 September
Blessed William Way, priest and martyr
Ordained priest at Rheims in September 1586, by June of the following year he was under arrest. William was executed at  Kingston-upon-Thames on this day in 1588.

24 September
Blessed William Spenser, priest and martyr
Blessed Robert Hardesty, martyr
William worked in Yorkshire briefly, and was being sheltered by Robert Hardesty when they were both arrested. They were executed at York in 1584.

30 September
Saint Honorius of Canterbury, bishop
A monk of the monastery of Saint Peter on the Celian hill in Rome sent with Saint Augustine by Pope Gregory to evangelise Kent. He became the second archbishop of Canterbury and died in 653.


1 October
Blessed Gerald Edwards, priest and martyr
Blessed Robert Wilcox, priest and martyr
Blessed Christopher Buxton, priest and martyr
Blessed Robert Widmerpool, martyr
Blessed Ralph Crockett priest and martyr (Chester)
Blessed Edward James, priest and martyr
Blessed John Robinson, priest and martyr (Ipswich)
3 October
Saint Ewald the Black and Saint Ewald the Fair, martyrs (695)
Natives of Northumbria who set out to evangelise in Germany at the end of the seventh century; these two priests were martyred near Dortmund in about 695.

5 October
Blessed William Hartley, priest and martyr (London)
Blessed John Hewitt, priest and martyr
Blessed Robert Sutton, martyr
6 October
Saint Ywi (also Ywig or Ywigius) (690)
A Benedictine monk and hermit living on Lindisfarne who was ordained deacon by Saint Cuthbert before travelling to evangelise Brittany.

8 October
Blessed John Adams, priest and martyr
Blessed Robert Dibdale, priest and martyr
Blessed John Lowe, priest and martyr
9 October
Blessed John Henry Newman, priest

10 October
Saint Paulinus of York, bishop

Saint John of Bridlington, priest (Saint John Twenge)
12 October
Blessed Thomas Bullaker OFM, priest and martyr

19 October
Saint Frideswide, virgin (735)
Patron saint of Oxford, where she founded a monastery which eventually became Christ Church College.

Saint Philip Howard, martyr (London)
23 October
Saint Ethelfleda (Æthelflæd), abbess of Romsey (960)
Having entered the community of Romsey abbey in her youth, she eventually became abbess, dying at an advanced age in the late 10th century. Her sanctity inspired Saint Dunstan in his youth.

Blessed Thomas Thwing, priest and martyr (York)
26 October
Saint Cedd of Lastingham
(brother of Saint Chad, ordained by Saint Finan)

Saint Eata of Hexham, bishop (686)
Having entered the monastery of Lindisfarne at an early age, he eventually became Bishop of Lindisfarne and then of Hexham. He died in 686.

30 October
Blessed John Slade, martyr


2 November
Saint Winefride, virgin

Blessed John Bodley, martyr
A schoolmaster from Andover executed in the reign of Elizabeth I.

7 November
Saint Cungar of Congresbury, abbot (520)
Born in Wales in the late 5th century he established a hermitage in Somerset before returning to Wales. He died in 520 on pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

9 November
Blessed George Napper, priest and martyr
Oxford, after ministry executed under James I

10 November
Saint Justus, bishop (631)
One of the monks sent with Saint Augustine from Rome to Kent, who became fourth Archbishop of Canterbury and oversaw the despatch of missionaries to Northumbria.

15 November
Blessed Hugh Faringdon (Cook) OSB, abbot and martyr
Bessed John Eynon, priest and martyr
Blessed John Rugg, priest and martyr
Blessed Richard Whiting, abbot and martyr
Blessed John Thorne, OSB, priest and martyr
16 November
Blessed Edward Osbaldeston, priest and martyr
A Lancashire man martyred at York under Elizabeth

17 November
Saint Hilda, abbess

Saint Hugh of Lincoln, abbot
20 November
Saint Edmund of East Anglia, king and martyr

26 November
Blessed Hugh Taylor, priest and martyr
Blessed Marmaduke Bowes, priest and martyr
York, under Elizabeth

28 November
Blessed James Thomson, priest and martyr

29 November
Blessed Edward Burden, priest and martyr

Blessed George Errington, martyr
Blessed William Gibson, martyr
Blessed William Knight, martyr
30 November
Blessed Alexander Crow, priest and martyr


1 December
Blessed John Beche, OSB, priest and martyr
Colchester, under Henry VIII

Saint Edmund Campion, priest and martyr
Saint Ralph Sherwin, priest and martyr
Saint Alexander Briant, priest and martyr

Blessed Richard Langley, martyr
York under Elizabeth
3 December
Saint Birinus, bishop (650)
Sent by Pope Honorius I to evangelise the Saxons, he landed in Hampshire and eventually established a see at Dorchester-on-Thames and the minster at Winchester.

Blessed Edward Coleman, martyr
London (Oates plot)

4 December
Saint Osmund of Salisbury, bishop (1099)
A relative of William the Conqueror, who came with him in 1066 and was made Bishop of Sarum (Salisbury) in 1078. He died in 1099.

5 December
Saint John Almond, priest and martyr

10 December
Saint Edmund Gennings, priest and martyr
Saint Swithin Wells, martyr
Saint Polydore Plasden, priest and martyr
Saint Eustace White, priest and martyr
Blessed Brian Lacy, martyr
Blessed John Mason, martyr
Blessed Sidney Hodgson, martyr
Saint John Roberts, OSB, priest and martyr
Blessed Thomas Somers, priest and martyr
11 December
Blessed Arthur Bell, OFM, priest and martyr

22 December
Blessed Thomas Holland, SJ, priest and martyr

23 December
Saint John Stone, OFSA, priest and martyr

29 December
Saint Thomas Becket, bishop and martyr

Blessed William Howard, martyr
30 December
Saint Egwin, bishop (720)
A noble prince, he had retired from public life but became Bishop of Worcester by popular acclaim; subsequently reformed his diocese, and founded the abbey of Evesham; died in 7171 or 720.